07 - 09 Feb 2014
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Adam and Eve.. and Kevin

Adam and Eve…and Kevin is the latest (and quite possibly craziest) piece of theatre to come out of the mind of local radio personality and comedian Steve Hili.

Following the success of Romeo and Juliet 2 (and a Zombie) and Sex Confessions of a Maltese man, Steve and the Revolt team are now literally going back to the beginning by putting together a zany take on the story that… started everything!

And it is not for the feint hearted! This madcap fringe-style comedy does not just suppose that Adam and Eve were not alone in the garden of Eden, but also explains how the first humans shaped the future of the world that we live in through arrogance and horniness. And socks.

There is even a conspiracy theory in the mix!

Featuring some of Malta’s top comic talent including Steffi Thake, PJ Xerxen, Erin Stuart Palmier, David Chircop, and Sean Briffa, Adam and Eve…and Kevin is sure to be the most insane piece of theatre you see this year.

Adam and Eve…and Kevin is a completely original play. it will be showing for the first time EVER at the MADC clubrooms St. Venera
on Feb 7th,8th and 9th. Rated 18. 

Tickets are available for €10 from here or 99449161.

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