21 Sep 2014
All Day
Floriana Granaries

Malta’s Independence Day

The 21st of September, 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary since Malta became independent.

In 1964, Malta gained its independence from the British Empire after many centuries of foreign occupation. On this memorable day, the Maltese flag was raised in the Independence Arena in Floriana in the presence of a huge crowd, who cheered in recognition of this historical achievement.

Considered one of the most important dates in Maltese history, this day is to be commemorated with a whole schedule of activities. A pontifical mass will be held at the St. John’s Cathedral in Valletta. There will also be a ceremony which will involve the laying of wreaths by the highest ranking officials of the country, at the Independence Monument in Floriana.

A number of other activities are also being held across the island to commemorate this monumental day and to honour our ancestors who worked so hard for Malta’s independence.

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