28 Feb - 04 Mar 2014
12:00 am

2014 Nadur Carnival, Gozo

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The days between 28th February and 4th March host the Nadur spontaneous Carnival. This Gozo carnival is considered to be one of the best carnivals in Europe, and certainly the one most young and young-at-heart Maltese people look forward to.

Dressing up is taken very seriously when it comes to serious grotesque, comical fun to be had at this unstructured carnival street party – so, party people and tricksters start getting creative!

The band clubs and bars in St.Peter and St.Paul’s Square, around the Nadur Church, and December 13th Street set up stages for live bands that provide the musical entertainment for the revellers. These streets will be teaming with masked throngs strolling and dancing to the music, with makeshift ‘themed’ trucks or floats occasionally dispersing the crowd, if the past years are anything to go by (do stay alert and keep safe). And there’s no doubt that the tradition will remain strong as ever this year.

Saturday night from 8pm onwards is probably the most popular but the rest of this long weekend is no less interesting and surprises are around the corner when you least expect them – I’ve seen people dressed as road workers, taking their disguises with hilarious solemnity, literally filling potholes with tarmac on Sunday morning. I was on my way back to our rented apartment bringing a breakfast of pastizzi to my hungover friends. That was the cherry on the cake (or maybe I should say Prinjolata), glad to have agreed to sleep over and not take the ferry back to Malta after Saturday’s hilarity.

It is definitely a good idea to book accommodation if alcohol is on your Nadur agenda. Book your hotel, flat, villa, farmhouse early on to avoid disappointment or sky-high, last minute prices. Although, truth be told, if it comes to that, unless you’re with a large group, it probably won’t be too hard to crash with someone you know.

The Gozo Channel Ferry Service and Arriva bus service usually organize special trips to accommodate the large number of people making their way to Nadur on these days. Eve.com.mt will keep you updated regarding this when their schedules unfold.

An organised carnival takes place on Sunday 23rd February in Nadur and Rabat, Gozo, along with the one in Valletta with structured floats and dance programmes.


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