Lorna Cassar Mallia

Lorna Cassar Mallia

Back in 2012, I graduated from Biocare Academy. To be perfectly honest, I was never into makeup before. However, I thought it was high time that I got a bit more creative. I used to download You Tube videos and became amazed by how people actually put on makeup.

The makeup course was one of the best times in my life. I got to meet new people who were attending the course with me, and I learnt so much about makeup techniques, makeup tools, makeup products, different skin textures and tones, etc. The course just blew my mind away and I knew that I had to work with makeup, sooner or later.

I started out by being responsible to handle the makeup for wedding guests mainly as well as for family and friends who thankfully trusted me to create the look they wanted to achieve for their big day. Eventually, I became more skillful and also more familiar with different skin types and colours, until eventually the word got out and today I can say that I have a good client base.

Keeping myself updated with current trends with regard to products, techniques and tools used when applying makeup helps me to be creative and express myself. It also helps me to help people, women in particular, to feel better about themselves. By helping them improve their physical appearance, they enjoy looking their best and feel more confident.

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