Claire Bugelli

Claire Bugelli

One sits and stares, playing with his / her hair, biting one’s nails or tapping on the table while trying to unravel life’s difficulties or while struggling to take a decision.

If only there was a person to go to for enlightenment and help. Well now there is. Claire Bugelli is a graduate in psychology and training as a life coach. She has always had a passion for helping others and is now using her knowledge to help anyone who may need to cope with change.

She works with the premise that the best solution comes from within. She helps her clients of any age, gender or status to become more focused and aware of who they really are, to determine their wants and needs and to achieve fulfillment.

Whilst working together with her clients, she uses specific tools and techniques to identify individual goals and offers the necessary support to reach out to them. Her coaching deals with trying to achieve any objective in relation to one’s education, career, family, as well as life in general.

Claire is also a motivational speaker who aims to inspire and stimulate her audiences and to encourage them to reach their full potential. Through her presentations, Claire illustrates how to focus on the future with a more positive outlook.

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