Involved with the Malta National Philharmonic Orchestra, as well in Rockestra, Aurelio Belli started his euphonium studies at the age of nine, along with his grandfather Louis Olivari. He continued furthering his studies on euphonium, slide trombone and music theory under the direction of Mr Paul Borg and Capt. John Evan Borg, adding double bass at the age of 15. Aurelio is currently active in many local bands, including ensembles like Versatile Brass, Versatile Brass Quintet, and Fusion Brass Sextet.

Aurelio also teaches at the Duke of Connaught’s Own Band Club, as well at Sacro Cuor Band, Sliema. He occupies the role of Assistant Conductor within both band clubs. Back in 2006 Aurelio attended two Master Classes with the Euphonium solist of international fame – David Thornton, and James Gourley during the Royal Northern College in Machester, United Kingdom. In 2009, Aurelio along with this band colleagues from Duke of Connaught’s Own, signed the Duke’s Festival Band.

Photo credit: Patrick Pisani

Eve: You have performed conducted in many foreign countries such as Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Milan and UK. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Aurelio Belli: I have performed in many foreign countries as a musician, but I have only conducted in Malta. I am not on to get a significant volume of performance anxiety. I actually get an adrenaline rush and perform better when I see a huge crowd.

Eve: How do you balance your music with other daily obligations?

AB: It is not easy at all, as I have a full-time morning job and lots of other commitments. Most of all, I have a wife and young child who need me to be present. Balancing work-life commitments is the hardest thing but I always make sure to spend quality time with my loved ones. Family always comes first!

Eve: What do you enjoy doing during your time off?

AB: As I already mentioned, during my very limited time off, all I am able to do and wish to do is spend quality time with my family.

Eve: What are your music plans and hopes for the future?

AB: In the future, I wish to further my knowledge and experience as a conductor; if possible also overseas, work with more local artists and bands, have many more musical arranging projects and keep growing within the industry as a musician. I also hope to leave a legacy and to be remembered as a good husband to my wife and a great father to my daughter.