From roles like a backing dancer for Brooke Borg for Junior Eurovision, to ‘This thing called love’ directed by Marco Calleja at the Manoel theatre, Nathaniel Ellul is no stranger to the professional stage since a very young age. While taking exams at Incite Motion, Nathaniel was noticed by a teacher and offered a scholarship in performing arts at Bird College.

His theatre credits include From the House of the Dead at the Royal Opera House, Ensemble in the musical Carousel, Ensemble Cover for Captain Hook in Peter Pan, and a dancer/singer role for AIDA Cruise Lines. His film credits include appearing as a dancer/actor/singer in Mamma Mia 2 and as an actor on the film The Festival and on an upcoming Disney film. He has also performed in special events for Comic Relief in London, Toyota’s the night that flows featuring Milla Jovovich,, as well as a backing dancer for Fleur East (X factor) and as a backing singer for Ebony Bones. He also worked for Sony for a television advert as a dancer.

Eve: You’re a Maltese born, but live abroad. How long have you been living there, and what it is like?

Nathaniel Ellul: I live in London and have been living here for quite a long period of time. Living in London is absolutely great, obviously you miss the weather as it’s not like Malta, it’s quite a cold city, but it has some amazing perks. I get the chance to see so many musicals and do so many things, surrounded by so many people that do the same job.

Eve: What has been the single greatest challenge in your career so far?

NE: I think keeping up with the different new style of dancing. The beautiful thing about this job is that you never stop learning, so even if it can be a challenge, it’s also a way of learning and improving with every step that you take when it comes to dancing different styles.

Eve: What’s the hardest part about being an actor and what’s the best?

NE: Well, I guess the hardest thing is competition. Us performers have to always go in an audition with an open mind and positivity and wanting the job. So the process can get a bit hard sometimes when you’re competing with so many people and so much talent.

Eve: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

NE: That’s a hard one. But I’d probably choose the ability to teleport myself everywhere. Wouldn’t it be great to explore different places in the world and appreciate different cultures? And it’s great when you do an audition for a job abroad and they take you abroad for a bit. You get to work in what you love and enjoy the place a bit when you have the chance.

Eve: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

NE: To start a good morning and have a good positive day, I usually meditate first, followed by a good stretching session and full English breakfast, can’t start the day right without a good breakfast, am I right?

Eve: What is your most treasured material possession?

NE: Well my mum gave me a small domna and santa that I usually always have every audition I go for, and I’ve also got a four-leaf clover coin that I got from a company I worked with for good luck. Although I also treasure my collection of anime figures as it’s my small little hobby.