Fashion and textile designer Saz Mifsud’s 2019 collection designs are inspired by the avian world, with peacocks and parrots adorning a collection of silk scarves, headbands, bowties, purses and handbags. For the first time, the collection features printed leather handbags and purses as well.

“This season, our avian collection will uplift you with its lush, coloured feathers and decadent fabrics. All our silk and leather fabrics are a celebratory collage of paintings and photographs of a variety of birds,” she commented on her latest work. “From peacocks to parrots, we fell in love with their jewel tones and used them to inspire this collection.”

Photo credits: Jamie Iain Genovese

Saz Mifsud creates each and every design herself. For this collection, she started by photographing any birds she could find, visiting bird parks and nature reserves to try and capture as many different varieties as possible. Back at her studio, Mifsud created some sketches inspired by the images. She then merged these sketches with her photography on her computer to create a digital design. Her designs are then sent to printers abroad and printed digitally onto natural fabrics.

The fabrics are particularly special, explains Mifsud, “because they are comfortable and breathable, and above all, the printed silk will remain stunning for years to come as it retains its colour and lustre, while leather ages in its own beautiful way. Both become softer with wear. This is one of the reasons why we adore them”.

All Saz Mifsud’s products are created by a team of skilled craftspeople dedicated to making unique luxury items. More information is at