Zach Muscat has been playing football as long as he can remember. If it wasn’t a ball at his feet, he would be probably kicking around a plastic bottle, a rock or anything round. Coming through the ranks of Luxol, Melita and Youth Level, he gained his first team experience at Pieta.
As he continued gaining skills in attack, Zach realized his potential in defence. Moving to Birkirkara at 18 years of age, he scored the last goal in his team’s decider that year, and his team won the league right off the bat. It was only the beginning.

In his three and a half years at Birkirkara, they went on to win practically every silverware there was to win. Still, Zach was not content and wanted a challenge. Leaving at 21 was not easy and his first experience was a mentally tough one to take in. Moving from Akragas to Arezzo and now Pistoiese each step of the way has been important in his development inside and outside of the pitch.

Eve: Lately you’ve been living in the region of Tuscany in Italy playing for U.S. Arezzo Calcio as a central defender.  How was it living away from your home in Malta?

Zach Muscat: It’s been almost three years since I left home to chase a dream, and every day the only thing I wish I had would be family. Otherwise I’m quite used to the lifestyle, and the ease of travelling across the country makes it worthwhile.

Eve: What have been your highlights during these past five years?

ZM: With regards to football, along with all the domestic achievements, it would be the historic European qualification run I had with Birkirkara before leaving Malta. It will remain a pivotal moment in my mentality with regards making it overseas. There is also my graduation from University Studies for a B.Sc in Built Environment Studies. Once off the island, the whole journey has been rewarding. From the hardships to the friendships created and passion left on the pitch each moment has been a highlight.

Eve: Is there any other sport you have never tried out?

ZM: I’ve played anything from waterpolo to tennis to handball as a kid. There isn’t any sport I’m not willing to try.

Eve: What is your most treasured material possession?

ZM: I’m not a materialistic person. Can’t think of anything materialistic which I couldn’t live without.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

ZM: Hopefully a successful retired football player, which means I’ve got quite some way to go, focusing on Interior Design, yet still travelling the world experiencing different cultures with a smile on my face.