​Andrea Fabri started taking motorsport seriously when he first got a 2jz-powered BMW e36 in 2014. Still getting used to the drifting discipline, he had the chance to enter a championship after just one practice day and managed to place second. From that moment he knew this sport was something he could compete in and achieve more.

After one full year of driving in the local championship, Andrea managed to get a number of podiums, so he decided to take things to another level and swapped his BMW for a Toyota Supra. This was a challenge for him, as it was much more expensive. He started looking for help from interested sponsors in order to maintain, fix and upgrade his car.

In 2017 he signed his first year contract with Enemed after they showed a great interest in his capabilities as a driver. They managed to get the car to an average competitive level. Ahaving set his goal to win the 2017 championship, Andrea got a number of podiums, but mechanical issues cost him the opportunity to place first. After major overhaul and other upgrades were done on the car this year, Andrea is hopeful for the future.

Eve: Summer car racing has its disadvantages like more heat in the cabin, wearing a helmet and many more drawbacks. How do you cope?

Andrea Fabri: Yes, almost every driver’s disadvantage in the summer is the heat. I do my best to stay hydrated all the time and stay in shades as much as possible. Also, a major disadvantage is the car’s performance gets very critical and could fail very easily. We help maintain this by changing the radiator fluid after every event and installed big fans to keep it cool as much as possible.

Eve: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in car racing?

AF: My greatest achievement is that I have built a car from scratch by reading a lot from forums and experimenting along the way, together with my crew. With the help of a lot of drifters from around the world, I have grown a lot since the first time I have drifted. I am looking forward to continue expanding my knowledge and expertise and improving my car to the desired level. I look forward to representing my country in international events and giving the best representation of myself, my crew and current sponsors, and my country.

Eve: What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

AF: The most expensive part I ever bought was actually bought very recently and is the gearbox. We switched to a sequential Samsonas Gearbox rather than the conventional road use H patter gearbox. This will surely help us on reliability and also performance.

Eve: What made you decide to go for car racing in the first place?

AF: I consider myself an adrenaline junkie, and drifting was the sport which got me excited. The feel of controlling something that to a lot looks uncontrollable was an exciting and fun challenge.

Eve: What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

AF: The only thing I wish is to have got to know myself better at an earlier stage and started all this at a much younger age. Since I had no one to guide me forward to this goal, I had to think twice, especially since it is difficult to afford it all by myself financially.