One of the largest European news portals, Euronews, will be featuring a 25 minute documentary on how Valletta has regenerated itself to become the European Capital of Culture – ten times in total.

This documentary is being shown as part of the new Euronews programme Go! Europe. It premiered on Monday 19th November. The documentary includes several stunning shots of Valletta, and features a number of art galleries, boutique hotels, restaurants and other places of entertainment which have changed Valletta’s landscape throughout the past few years, thanks to Valletta 2018’s drive towards the cultural, economic and social regeneration of the city. These initiatives are all part of the European Capital of Culture’s legacy, which has made Valletta a top cultural destination for both locals and tourists alike. Valletta has been recently hashtaged 485k times on Instagram.

The documentary will be broadcast on Euronews between the 19th and 28th November, showcasing what Valletta has to offer to millions of European viewers.

More about the legacy of Valletta 2018 here.