Twenty-year-old Antoine Farrugia is already an accomplished dancer, singer and actor from Malta living in London. From a young age, his dream was always to be successful in the musical theatre industry. He knew that for this to happen to the desired extent he had to leave the country.

In Malta, he worked for as many qualifications as he could and was the first one to obtain the Rockschool Grade 8 Pop Vocals in Malta. At the age of 17, he decided to drop out of sixth form to follow his dream and that’s when he made the big move to the UK. He hasn’t looked back ever since and today he is a graduate of Margaret Howard Theatre College, graduating in both Performance and Dance Teaching. Antoine feels lucky that his family is very supportive and he was able to also perform in different countries, including Romania, the UK, Italy and more.

Eve: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far in the entertainment industry?

Antoine Farrugia: My biggest achievement to date is quite recent, and that is signing with Top Talent Agency (TTA). Now that I’ve graduated, I will be working hard with this agency to get me from training to a working professional.

Although the entertainment industry can be quite tough, a hard worker is able to celebrate all the mini achievements along the way. Some achievements I’ve had up till now include playing one of my favourite childhood characters, Cat In The Hat, in my third-year graduating show – Seussical. Another achievement that I will never forget is my West End Debut back in 2016, when I was part of a short run of ‘The Secret Garden – Spring Edition’.

Eve: How long have you been living and studying in London, and will you be settling in Malta anytime soon?

AF: I have been living and studying in London for three years now. This has just made me a better well-rounded performer and I am excited for what’s next in store. Although I love Malta to bits, and I do have my moments of missing our beautiful weather, beaches and more, I am happy to say that I have settled in London. I feel that after three years of intense training, now is the time that I always dreamed of, the time where whatever I’ve planted starts growing and blossoming and takes me to new places which I find very exciting and thrilling.

Eve: What have been your highlights during your London years?

AF: As I’ve mentioned before, a performer celebrates every single achievement and I have been lucky enough to celebrate several. I have become a qualified dance teacher in various genres. Other highlights include people I’ve been able to meet and work with, to mention some, Kevin Fountain, Alex Tranter, Ryan Gover, Philip Joel, Karen Rabinowitz and many more who are all West End professionals still working in the industry on different spectra. I believe that in life, we also have our personal highlights that change us and one of mine has been becoming an uncle for the first time ever to my beautiful niece.

Eve: Is fashion an important part of your life?

AF: I think of fashion as being comfortable in your own skin and as an art form itself. In that sense, fashion is vital for me. I like keeping up with trends and explore new things as much as I can. I want to be me and be free. If I feel like wearing dungarees on a normal day, no one should interfere, but if I feel like I should wear dungarees on a night out at the theatre a few months later, there’s nothing wrong with that too.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

AF: In such a hard-work based industry, reaching my ultimate goal can take time, which I am willing to allow it to take as long as it needs. But in ten years time, I see me on stage living the character’s life to the full and then taking it all in at the end when I’m bowing. I see me going through each and every character I’ll be playing then, and investing as much time as I can into to all of them to make them as real as possible.