For the second time in a row, Utopian Nights invites the public to engage with contemporary issues through art and discussion. With artists and local as well as international thinkers, the public will participate in a collective effort to design a utopia – an alternative society for a better future.

This the public are invited to discuss the topic of ‘Commons’ and how this relates to Malta. The three main themes are work, environment and heritage. How are boundaries and communities challenged in the wake of local hot topics such as migration? Round-table discussions will attempt to answer that. They will take place from 2pm to 7pm, on both days.

On Friday 23rd November at 7pm, Tunisian dancer duo Chakib Zidi (pictured above) and Mohamed Ali Agrebi (Dali) will enliven the Chinese Garden of Serenity with their Meeting Fingers performance. Another international artist taking part is the Turkish artist Menekse Samanci, who will present her interactive installation entitled Save the Peace on Saturday, 24th of November at 7pm.

A closing party will be taking place at the location, in collaboration with Mahalla Festival, on the 25th of November during the evening. This closing party marks the end of a successful series of Utopian Nights events, which started with displacement-themed artistic interventions and continued storytelling and discussion events themed ‘inside the border.’

Utopian Nights is a Valletta 2018 event. The upcoming edition, The Utopian Nights on Commons, takes place on the 23rd and the 24th of November at Chinese Garden of Serenity in Santa Lucia.