Band lyrics sometimes become an object of academic interest, and assessed the same way as poetry. The University of Malta is hosting Sephora Francalanza’s public talk on in Maltese on “L-Idjoma Brikkuna fil-Lirika ta’ Mario Vella” in the Faculty of Arts Library of the University of Malta in Tal-Qroqq. This talk is part of the Oral Tradition series, which is now in its third year, and is hosted by the Department of Maltese at the University.

The song lyrics of the well-established Maltese band Brikkuni are full of popular expressions. In spite of their seemingly common language, the text toys around, often in rather audacious ways, with popular idioms and metaphors, subverting them and engaging critically with shared thoughts and experiences. Brikkuni’s lyrics often offer a mischievous glance at the Maltese people: their worldview, interests, weaknesses, and obsessions. Mario Vella’s text overflows both with standard Maltese idioms and current unconventional expressions used by the locals that are not found in books.

Sephora Francalanza with Mario Vella

Sephora Francalanza is the president of the student organisation Għaqda tal-Malti – Università, which runs projects and organises events that promote Maltese language and literature. She was also general editor of the 37th issue of Leħen il-Malti which is being launched in November during the 2018 edition of the Malta Book Festival. In this talk, the speaker will be analysing the Maltese idioms, or hints thereof, that are found in Brikkuni’s three albums. She collected them while working on her BA thesis in Maltese. 

This event is open to everyone and entrance is free. It will take place on Tuesday 6th November at 6.00pm at the Msida campus, the Faculty of Arts Library