Adalia Bonnici has made a name with her unique, one-of-a-kind creations, targeted to women of all ages, although it was only in 2014 that she started creating headpieces from a little studio in her home. Her dedication to responsible top-tier craftsmanship, technique and detailed embellishments is evident in each piece she creates.

The designer uses highest quality material for each hand-crafted piece. Her work spans from luxuriously romantic bridal accessories to elaborate statement pieces for photoshoots and catwalks to gorgeous crafted hats for afternoon and evening special occasions to dreamy romantic baby and kids unique headbands. Adalia believes that a good aesthetic eye, patience and passion is the blend that brings together a finished piece of art. In the interview, she shares her aspiration to teach millinery one day.

Eve: What have been your highlights during these last past five years?

Adalia Bonnici: Selling my first piece on Etsy two weeks after creating the account. Creating romantic baby and kids headbands which have been inspired two years ago by my daughter Valentina. Taking part in Malta Fashion Week with a solo fashion show. Last but not least, having new and recurring clients with innovative and challenging requests.

Eve: Do you have any special preference for textures or colours?

AB: I enjoy working with sinamay and moulding it to the form or shape I like, but I’m also intrigued by lavish and delicate textiles. I love fabric manipulation so I enjoy testing each material’s limits.   I’m passionate in mixing and combining colours together and seeing what feels and looks best together but I do have a soft spot for peacock colours.

Eve: What made you start making hat designs?

AB: As long as I can remember I always had a deep appreciation for arts, crafts and fashion. I was always encouraged to create interesting things with available materials. A few years back I followed my passion in the art of millinery. My dedication to technique, detailed fabric manipulation and embellishments is what entices me to always create something different in each headpiece.

Eve: For anyone starting off in this line of work, what would you suggest as the ideal kit?

AB: You definitely need a variety of different materials in hand to test and learn the boundaries of fabric manipulation and embellishments. Invest in different shapes of hat blocks and hat blocking materials for stiffening and moulding. Most definitely travel abroad and visit other millinery workshops and outlets to learn new techniques. There are no millinery courses available in Malta yet, but you can enrol in a good online millinery school for guidance. Online courses exist, but you can also go for hands-on tutorials abroad.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

AB: Hopefully having my own private workshop and possibly a small outlet close by, and with a good client list, both local and foreign. And maybe someday teaching millinery techniques to whoever wishes to learn how to create ready to wear headpieces.