The first Valletta International Baroque Ensemble recital of the season is about to happen between the walls of the beautiful baroque church dedicated to St.Dominic. Malta’s main baroque ensemble’s chosen programme of baroque sacred vocal and instrumental music, notably works by Vivaldi and Handel, reflects the Catholic Liturgy Commemoration of All Saints and All Souls Day which are celebrated at the beginning of November.

The event will take place on the 1st of November at 8pm. Bookings are at or by calling the booking office on 21246389.

The following week Teatru Manuel will continue reflecting on the topic of saints. A new spectacular social comedy about feasts, with the inclusion of popular band marches that are customarily heard in feasts from our bands, will illuminate the difference between the original aim of feasts and how we quite often transform them to fit our purposes.

Imagine the shock a saint feels when he descends on earth to observe how his feast is celebrated. This destiny befalls Saint Crispin, who descended to Malta, well-known among the saints for its feasts, to know how well his feast is celebrated. This third century saint lived in poverty, was martyred and venerated as the patron saint of cobblers. He told Saint Peter that his wish was that for once he could descend to enjoy his feast on earth, or to be more precise, in our country. Saint Peter was opposed to Crispin’s idea, because he was well aware how Malta’s feasts are not wholesomely religious. Nevertheless, Crispin’s pleas were heard and Peter had to budge in, Crispin was to descend on our island from heaven during the week of his feast.

Everything was to Crispin’s heart’s content since his arrival on earth. The world has changed since his last sojourn in it. In this locality, the streets are decorated sumptuously for his feast, and the place could not be more delightful. This heartens Crispin as regardless of what Saint Peter told him, there was nothing that one could complain about.

Crispin is delighted to hear the approaching band marches. He falls instantly in love with the distant music and tries to imagine the praises to God sung to such sweet melodies. But he gets a cold shower when the marching band approaches nearby while “his” supporters were singing dispregative lyrics towards “the other side”, Saint Catald that is. Saint Catald and Saint Crispin are great friends in heaven, and therefore Saint Crispin is displeased with the dispregative marches and songs against his best friend. He also notices that brawls are easy to occur in these marches.

And how do the locals greet him? Do they accept him in their feast? Do they believe him when he tells them that he is indeed Saint Crispin? Do they let him celebrate with them? And Peter, was he right in disagreeing with Crispin about his visit on earth? There are a few episodes to which we are going to witness in this entertaining work. We are going to witness some comic relief and a little moving scenes. These are the sweet ingredients that shall keep the audience smiling and interested in the proceedings.

Written by Joe Julian Farrugia and directed by Mario Micallef, this play stars well-known actors, including Renato Dimech, Joe Quattromani, Manuel Cassar, Marvic Cordina, Claudia Mizzi and others.

The show will be performed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9th, 10th, and 11th November at Teatru Manoel. Bookings are on Teatru Manoel’s website; by email on; or call on 21246389.