Two years ago the list of Instagram’s favourite locations in Malta looked like this. As tourist numbers are hitting new record every time, have the trends changed?

Dingli Cliffs

The popular sunset-gazing location now counts 15.2k posts! Simple landscapes, sunsets, women looking romantic near the cliffs, and shots on the benches from the back are the most common styles.

Grand Harbour, Valletta

This beauty is instagrammed from various angles, with photos now counting 13.1k. New trend: Grand Harbour as seen from a luzzu.

St Peter’s Pool

Now boasting 19k posts, this place is tempting many users to film. You will find many jumping shots, and Instagram user giulsmarie even took a photo with a friend posing topless. Be careful: it’s illegal.

Azure window (RIP)

You might think Malta has moved on after losing Azure Window, but tourists continue using this hashtag, which now counts 67k posts. You will find polaroid photos superimposed on the view of the place today, nostalgic photos of what it once was, and even drawings of the gone arch.

Spinola Bay

With 12.8k posts, Spinola Bay hashtag is mostly about boats and the Love monument, less about bars and restaurants as it was said two years ago.


Counting 67k posts, it’s more about pools and bikinis than nightlife.


Around 15k posts are tagged #mdinamalta, and some of them feature Filfla, various cliffs and shores, and all kinds of random stuff that is nowhere close to Mdina.


And the winner is… With 485k posts, Valletta is a superstar, with landscapes, Titanic-style couple shots, bikinis, luzzu, fine dining and everything in between.