Giulia Pandolfino launched her resortwear brand ISLE&AQUA in summer 2017. In 2018, she presented her newest collection ‘Gypsea’ at Malta Fashion Week for the first time as a solo show.

During her studies at the London College of Fashion, Giulia had interned at a number of brands, such as Prism in London, and La Perla in Italy. These experiences led her to acquire valuable industry knowledge and design skills that are essential for any budding entrepreneur in the fashion industry.

Her brand ISLE&AQUA is based on an ethos to create unique and high-end, yet comfortable and well-fitting pieces. With each collection, ISLE&AQUA looks towards unusual colour, rich textures and decorative features to create a range of products that are completely different to what is usually seen within the luxury and high-street swimwear market. In the interview, she looks back on her path and presents her dreams.

Eve: Your brand’s ethos is to create bikinis and swimsuits designed with modern glamour in mind, having accentuating cuts and unique detailing. Where do you get your inspirations and ideas?

Giulia Pandolfino: I like to kick off my design process from a single interesting starting point that I might have come across or thought about. This season, the inspiration was to have heavy decorative metal strapping details as the centre point of each piece. On the other hand, for my fashion week collection, I wanted to express my illustrative skills by hand-drawing a print design from the Maltese Lira coins, so the inspiration started from there.

Eve: What have been your highlights during these last past five years?

GP: While the brand was only launched last year, I have been progressing in the design industry for a few years now. My biggest accomplishments so far over the past five yours would be getting into the University I had always been dreaming of, finishing off my degree with a 1st Class honours grade, and of course, launching ISLE&AQUA and seeing it grow organically.

Eve: What does it feel like to have your own luxury swimwear brand curated by yourself?

GP: Although ISLE&AQUA is still a budding brand, I am proud of the milestones that have been hit so far and the positive feedback I receive from others. Having always been a creative individual, I often wondered which path I would take, and what the likelihood of turning my creative passions into a career where.

Eve: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

GP: I am not a morning person at all, so it usually takes me about two hours to get into the right mind set and get work done. I make up for this by working until the evening though.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

GP: Hopefully continuing to grown the brand locally and internationally, and having my swimwear in stores that I admire, while also having my own store in Malta.