Who doesn’t like to get away from it all? When on holidays, we all want to enjoy them as much as possible. If you don’t feel well, you can forget that hike up the mountain, or diving in the ocean, exploring the city, and eating a variety of different dishes that the particular culture has to offer. Now imagine spending the majority of your holidays along with 3,000 up to 5,000 other people, in a limited space. I’m talking about cruising. Cruising is super fun and super convenient, but you need to remember that you are sharing a small space with many other people, which also means: many germs. These tips will keep you safe.

Cruising enables you to visit a different place everyday, have your room and your food ready, and make the most of several relaxing activities like swimming in the pool, using the spa, sports events, clubs for kids and teens, entertainment shows, game shows, shopping and so much more. With that said, getting sick is much easier on a cruise, as mentioned, due to limited space you share with others. Here’s a list of items to stock up in advance:

1. Vitamin C. Whether it’s a tablet or a solvable, any vitamin C will do. Take vitamin C or any preventable item a few days till your cruise begins. If you don’t feel well, it would be wise to continue with the vitamin C on the cruise.

2. Vitamin D is also very important, and on many trips that the cruise takes you, there is a high sun exposure. So ensure that while enjoying it, you are slapping on that sunscreen. Getting sunburnt and suffering a possible sunstroke will definitely not make you feel your best, so make sure not to forget your sunscreen with you on the cruise, and most importantly, to apply it.

3. On the topic of sunburn, water is extremely important to drink all through the day, and this is not just on a cruise, really. However, hydration is particularly important when you are in the sun, as well as when enjoying alcoholic drinks as most people do. Drink up, but always be careful of the free iced water. The ice water may be lead to cross-contamination sometimes, and if you have a very sensitive stomach, it might not like that. Look at you glass that you poured. It needs to be crystal clear. Even then you might still have a chance of getting sick. Buying a case of water is safer and always at hand.

4. Sanitiser dispensers are found around the ship, but it would be clever to carry a small sanitizer bottle with you. Even if you are only travelling with a hand luggage, there are small ones that you can just put in your purse or bumbag. There is never too much of sanitising your hands. Before and after a meal, before and after going to the bathroom, when you go to a port of call, and before going back to the ship from ashore; even simply walking around the ship and using the railings, the tables, the doors and so much more. Think of how many other guests used them before you. It only takes a second to get sick, so be sure to bring a liquid sanitiser with you on the cruise.

5. If you get seasick, be sure to always carry seasick tablets with you. The ship normally has them, but you’ll never know if they run out or are not as strong as what you might need. Ships travel in calm waters, but you never know the wind sometimes! If you are seasick, you are surely not going to enjoy the ship as much as you would like to.

6. It’s a known thing that one eats much more on a ship, and that’s OK. But if you are normally a healthy person and have great portion control, you might need to apologise to your stomach by having some indigestion and acid reflux tablets. Eating that great food is so good, but not so much for your stomach.

There’s also a gym onboard, so try to visit it. And by visit it, I mean, do a gym or cardio session. You will feel great, trust me!

7. And lastly, if you do have your own prescribed medication for your health, make sure to always keep it with you and put it in your hand luggage. Do not put it in your big luggage, as that is given to the stevadores at check-in, and you might receive the luggage quite late on boarding evening since there are a lot of guests and suitcases. If you know you will need your medication, always keep it with you. It’s the safest thing.

Stay safe peeps, and happy cruising!

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