Teatru Malta in collaboration with the rubberbodies collective presents their debut documentary theatre piece, NASSABA – Song of a Bird. Written by Jimmy Grima, Joachim Robbrecht and Michael Grima, the play closely follows a theatre director/graphic artist and his father who is a bird trapper – and their relationship.

Michael Grima in Qrendi c. 1977

The 75-minute long performance will be touring social clubs and venues all over Malta and Gozo. The team is promising a nostalgic and visual journey as Jimmy follows his father back to the same fields from his childhood. This time his intention is documenting and unraveling the world, the sentiments and the arts of his father and his peers, who have mastered the art of whistling and calling like singing birds (nowadays numerous trappers resort to illegal pre-recorded callers).

Bird trapping is an age-old practice, and earlier this year the European Court of Justice has ruled that the way it is practised in Malta doesn’t merit an exception from the EU ban. The artist, however, wants to dissect the inner makings of the bird trapper and his practice, through his relationship with his father and extensive research into the history of this hobby. Teatru Malta’s aim through this collaboration with the rubberbodies collective is to offer spectators a unique and artistic perspective on a subject.

NASSABA – Song of a Bird, will tour in a variety of unorthodox locations across both islands of the season between the 12th and the 18th of October. Seating is limited and will vary from venue to venue. Tickets and more information at teatrumalta.org.mt or by calling 21220255