Rima’s upcoming exhibition, to be [defined] continues the ideas of this anthropological and artistic project, born in 2014 with an aim to explore and rethink displacement. From film festivals to scriptwriting workshops, the project invited looking at displacement in various ways: between countries, away from one’s usual lifestyle, and philosophically.

Every project is made in collaboration with artists, scholars, and people who experienced migration and exile. The exhibition looks into how persons that are referred to as ‘migrants’ are portrayed, and how this portrayal is affecting the lives and imagination of the ‘migrants’. At the core of it is the question how these individuals manage to maintain their identity through different forms of struggle. Artists from Malta, France, Turkey, Italy, Republic of Congo, Libya, Belgium and Sudan have taken part.

The series of events will start from a vernissage with some of participating artists on the 5th of October. The following week will see the screening of Marsapolis, a short film that was born from a scriptwriting workshop and eventually developed with the help of the Rima Film grant.

There will be other film screenings and talks with film directors. On the 18th of October, there will be a talk “Rethinking borders. Africa in Rome” with the anthropologists Giulia Casentini and Giulia Riva. Finally, the project will culminate on the 3rd of November with the launch of Rima’s artbook, to be [defined].

The events will take place between the 5th October and 4th November at the Main Staircase and Space C in Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta. Full programme here.