Luke Cassar has since been dipping his feet into each and every sector of the performing arts industry in London and overseas. He has performed around the world on cruise ships as a dancer and a vocalist, worked as a choreographer for companies in London, acted in an immersive theatre play that took the city by storm, featured in short films by the London Film Academy and Worldwide Commercials, and now also runs his own personal training brand.

Luke started acting from early years and then moved on to study the disciplines of Dance at the ‘Alison White Dance Studio’ under the tuition of Alison White. Showcased on the Maltese Talent Program ‘L-Isfida,’ he set off to London to pursue his theatrical dream and trained at the ‘Margaret Howard Theatre College’ in London, where he currently lives. But did you know what he used to do for living before he set off to pursue his dream?

Eve: You’ve landed the role of Eddie in Abba’s hit Musical ‘Mamma Mia’ aboard the Allure of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise ship. How does this make you feel?

Luke Cassar: I’m struck with enthusiasm. I feel very privileged to have landed a character role in this well-known musical and to be working with Broadway directors and choreographers. I cannot wait to start performing in one of my dream shows – this energetic, full-out production that reaches its audience by its relatable storyline and theatrical immensity.

Eve: The show will keep running till the 21st of April 2019.  How are you preparing yourself for this marathon?

LC: The training never ends once you’re in this industry. Every day, I prepare myself physically and vocally to be in a good shape by the time rehearsals are in action. Luckily, my personal training side of things keeps me fit on a daily basis.

Eve: Is there somewhere or something you’re hoping to perform in the future?

LC: The list is endless. At the moment I’m ecstatic to be where I am at right now. But yes, one day I would love to perform in a musical in London, and also be able to perform in my own written play.

Eve: You have been acting for almost all your life and acting has been your passion ever since you was a child. What encouragement words can you share with my readers?

LC: I was an accountant in Malta and I thought that my life would shape up into something completely different. Here I am now. I’ve always known that my passion and drive will take me to places.

My words of advice will sound so simple. “Trust yourself”, “Trust your instincts”, “Trust your passions”, “Trust your wants and your desires”. They all come from an honest place in one’s self. When I started trusting myself and believing that my drive to succeed will take control, I started feeling safe and confident. The rest followed. I am now truly grateful for the people who supported me, who said, keep hoping, keep working, your time will come.

Eve: What do you enjoy doing during your time off?

LC: I love reading. It keeps me grounded and inspired. I love reading about people – quirky people, who don’t necessarily follow the guidelines but those who create their own work. On a more normal level, I love swimming and I love beaches (I am grateful to be in the Caribbean for the next year). I am a sucker for the theatre and being constantly inspired by talented people, which leads me to be inspired in my own choreography work.