Taking gap years before or after university is becoming a whole lot more common, but it’s generally a given rule that once you start entering adulthood, gap years are a thing you did (or should have done) in the past. I’m pretty sure that a gap year would have cleared my mind and sorted out my priorities.

Gap year gives you time to think. It will give you a sense of freedom you’ll rarely get to experience in your life. The trick is to go for it and the rest will follow.

It helps you recentre yourself, rethink your priorities and understand the person who you have become over the years. See, as adults, we never give ourselves time to sit down and ask ourselves if we’re happy or if this is the life we want to be living. Gap years away from responsibilities can help us determine where we want our life to go next.

You reflect what you really love. So many people love the idea of things or the status a particular job would give them, rather than the actual job. A gap year spent exploring the area you’d like to get into will give you first-hand experience without tying you down.

And how about a chance to give back? Volunteering in a foreign country is a popular way of spending an adult gap year, particularly as it is both emotionally fulfilling and physically occupying. You’ll never get bored, and you’ll have a purpose, which is lacking in many people’s lives.

Each person’s situation is different, but if you feel like you need to do it – you’re probably the only thing standing in your way!

Just don’t become this guy: