You may be used to caped crusaders who battle crime, leap the tallest buildings and battle against all odds to save the world. But not all superhero(in)es wear capes – some were lab coats. The Superheroes in Science Competition is open to students who are in Forms 1 to 4 (Grades 7 to 10). Students can participate individually or as a team, with a maximum number of three students in a team.

Projects submitted can be in the form of an experiment or as a practical or visual demonstration. They will be judged at the individual schools. The finalist projects chosen by the schools will be brought to the Esplora Interactive Science Centre and exhibited during the Superheroes in Science Event taking place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November 2018. Finalists will be given an opportunity to present their work to the public. Participation is free, and winners will receive and Superhero themed prizes.

All projects, whether in the form of an experiment or of a practical demonstration, must be submitted, together with the necessary documentation which is available on the website:  by the deadline date of October, 26th 2018, therefore, during the scholastic year 2018-2019.

Apply here. More information is in this interview or by email on