We hear those every summer, time and again. Hydrate. Stay away from the sun. Yet with every heatwave and every predictably sultry season, it’s good to be reminded of some useful tips to maximise the pleasures of summer.

Protect your hair with a hat

If you just love spending your day at the beach, don’t forget a hat. Those huge beach waves are all the rage this year, so you’ll be looking fashionable while protecting your hair. This tip is also beneficial to women with short hair because there’s no better protection of their scalp than a hat.

Wear natural materials

Going for lightweight and natural fabrics rather than synthetic or polyester is always key to beating the heat. Paradoxically, a long-sleeved top made of linen does a better job at serving as a cooler than a crop top in synthetics.

Choose light-coloured clothing

Lighter hues reflect sun rays, so it’s time to replace the dark and moody palette with any pastel shade or even khaki. Besides, pale hues won’t show any sweat stains.

Be trendy in a crop-top

Illustration by Susanne Riber

They’ve been around for a while, and they’re still one of the hottest trends of the season.

Let your feet breathe

You should always opt for shoes that let your feet breathe, especially if your feet tend to sweat in summer. That could be anything from flip flops and sandals to good-quality sneakers.

Stay comfortable in the heat to make the most of summer – after all, there are so many things to enjoy this season.