As she packs her bags for the coming weekend’s flight to Gaeta, Italy, to receive a blogger’s award, renowned fashion blogger Dorianne Mamo would disagree with anyone who says that the era of blogs is over – hers is a living proof. “I happen to love writing. It’s true that these days followers don’t have much time to stay reading lengthy articles, but I’ve been keeping a journal and writing since forever, so for me jotting it down and putting it online isn’t really an ‘extra’,” she tells Eve.

Ten minutes on the sofa in the morning to go through her Instagram feed for inspiration is her established morning ritual. It’s followed by “a quick visit to my vanity to rotate the lippies on my lipstick stand and stare at my perfume collection (don’t ask!),” she admits. A blogger’s life blurs the boundaries between work and personal space – is she testing a new product as a blogger, or is she just enjoying it as a private individual? Outfit of the day turns to a post on social networks, and catching up with fashion trends and shows feeds into personal friendships. “Covering so many fashion shows means that fashion-show-lovers remain glued to the page waiting for more ,” she tells proudly. Interaction on her blog means a lot for Dorianne.

True, maintaining an online presence daily requires effort and time, but, having been nominated in the blogger awards of the Malta Fashion Week and various others, Dorianne never doubts whether it’s worth it. “Going to Dolce & Gabbana after-party during Milan Fashion Week thanks to the bright entrepreneurs at SARTO, I got to dance with on the same dance floor at their D&G Martini Bar. Meeting Renato Balestra and seeing his work here, and visiting him in Rome with Chamber of Fashion, Malta,” she lists cases when her readiness to document fashion highlights met opportunity. Receiving emails from brands she adores with offers to collaborate gives her an additional energy boost.

On the surface, she seamlessly shifts between her job at the University of Malta, where she is managing EU-funded projects with her beloved colleagues, and the all-consuming career in blogging. However, Dorianne recently opened up about how taxing it can become, being in the public eye at all times and feeling the pressure to be everywhere. After she told Lovin Malta about living with anxiety, she made a powerful contribution to breaking the stigma.

“We live in such a busy, overwhelming, demanding world that it just happens. We find ourselves setting the bar high, we take on a number of projects, and there comes a day where we just wake up with this dreadful feeling that it’s perhaps becoming too hard to handle. I used to have this fear of missing out on stuff; these days I just chose to make the most of every minute rather than worry about my infinite to-do-list like I used to,” the busy fashionista openly explains, aiming to raise awareness that “it’s OK to feel not that OK at times”. Her coping strategy? “I plan ahead and am aware that I cannot attend all the activities and be at three places at the same time. I am happy with where I am today and have come to accept that I’m no wonderwoman and that it’s OK to feel slightly under the weather or nervous at times.”

Dorianne Mamo

Dorianne has taken to travelling to faraway destinations to unwind. Cuba and Vietnam were a “dream come true” – the trip to Cuba offered her appreciation of living daily life passionately (“The Cubans wake up to the sound of music and dance in the streets all day long!”), and Vietnam enveloped her in tranquility. “The Vietnamese are very hard-working, probably more shy and less noisy than the Cubans but are still very welcoming. And they cook the best food ever!”

After Italy, she has another trip to look forward to. “I’m also going to India with a great team of people to help rebuild an orphanage. I have to admit I’m slightly nervous because I don’t know what to expect but at the same time I know I’ve been wanting to do this for ages so I just cannot wait!”