Guest post by Angela MacKay

With a new season, it’s time to shake things up a little and embrace the future wholeheartedly. Whether you are celebrating the end of a school year, embarking on a summer adventure or just preparing for a more relaxed season, how can you better make a powerful statement and express your personality if not by sporting one of the hottest and most revered hair colors of the year? Here are some of the hottest trends in hair colors and hair color techniques so you stay on top of your game!

Gothic Black and Burgundy

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Burgundy is the color of good wine, blood, gothic dreams, and eerie stories about seduction and femmes fatales. Now imagine pairing burgundy with black. There will be no stopping you this year! This color combination works well for both short and long hair, as the contrast alone speaks volumes and stands out from the crowd. Moreover, you will be following some of the most interesting trends of this year, as even fashion designers encouraged models to sport the amazing duo.

When you think about burgundy highlights on black hair, you need to think about bleaching, conditioning, and paying a visit to your stylist occasionally for touch-ups.


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In case you did not know – although it is hard to believe – ultraviolet is Pantone’s colour of the year 2018. It only makes sense that it is one of the hottest hair colors of this year. What you should know is that you may need some bleaching in order to sport this color in its full glory.

Moreover, for you to embrace the vibrant shine and personality of this nuance, you have to consider maintenance, conditioning, and even more maintenance on top. Dark skin tones will compliment this nuance better, but the colour works well for any bold woman out there in search for a change.

Millennial Rose Gold

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This color is striking, bold, remarkable, and hard to achieve without help from a professional stylist. However, if you find an expert colourist, you will look like a red carpet diva in no time. Celebrities sport this color, together with socialites, bold millennials, and women who just love life to the fullest.

For high success rates, your hair should first reach a 10-level blonde. You should know that you would have to go through toning in three parts. The color works best for women with finer, lighter, and medium to longer hair. You will also need some touch-ups on the root’ smudge and ends’ nuance.

Copper Fire

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A head-turning statement hair colours’ list must include copper fire – a nuance that is full of life, passion, and freedom. The color is vibrant in and out of itself, so your colourist will probably use a higher peroxide volume in order to do the colour justice and achieve the fiery hues that will make you look like a sun goddess.

You will also need maintenance from time to time. For the colour to preserve its shine, you will probably need a few glosses in between to make sure the colour remains as striking as possible.

Copper fire works best for the fairer skin tones and for hair colours that you can find on a palette including dark blonde or lighter, through to soft red or strawberry.

Chocolate Mauve

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This unlikely combination is stunning as it is unexpected. You can achieve this delicious mix of chocolate brown and pink shades either by highlights technique or by balayage. A good colourist will soften the classic chocolate brown and offer you a unique look that is feminine and seductive.

The color works best for women with brown hair or dark hair. The best part is that the color works well with fine or thick hair. It is a good choice for fine hair especially, as it offers it a warm thickness, a chocolaty rich texture you will love. Make sure you pay attention to conditioning and maintenance throughout the year, as you may need some glosses in between.

Silver-Toned Salt and Pepper

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Women used to dye their hair whenever a silver strand disrupted their young and fresh look. Nevertheless, things changed and now white hair became all the rage in terms of colours and colouring techniques. We are talking about the silver and black color combination that took women of all ages by storm.

In order to achieve this amazing, bold, metal-concert, gothic look you need to know a few things. The first is that you may need serious bleaching for the silver and the black to shine at their full potential. The second is that your stylist should be a master of the trade, as you will need a highlight, ombré, or balayage technique – you need contrast and texture.

The colour combination works great for women with all types and lengths of hair. Keep in mind that you will need maintenance, conditioning, and some retouching from time to time.

Have you found your favourite look for this season?

Angela MacKay is a fashion enthusiast and senior editor at, where she focuses on trending hairstyles.