Writes on July 4, 2018


In an ongoing storytelling project by Valletta 2018, Darba Waħda, children and elderly people bring together the wealth of information and experience of the elderly with the simplicity, youthfulness and creativity of children. Until 6th July, participants will creatively share stories using of puppets, shadow puppets and other artistic creations

The intergenerational project gives elderly and young the opportunity to meet and connect through storytelling over a creative platform which includes drama, games, arts and crafts. Through these activities, the two generations have the opportunity to create, relate, exchange and learn, as they share stories and experiences while having fun together.

Photo credit: Carl Farrugia

Darba Waħda takes place at Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Bighi, Kalkara. The activities are still open to new participants until 6th July. Children between 8 and 12 years and elderly people aged 60+ are invited to become performers while taking part in a number of fun games, drama and storytelling aimed at bridging the gap between the two generations in an atmosphere of creativity and fun for all. The activities last between 9am and 1pm.

Photo credit: Carl Farrugia

Registration is by email at darbawahda@valletta2018.org or telephone on 23602300. Entrance is free of charge and free transport will be provided to participants (subject to availability). More information is on the Darba Waħda Facebook page.

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