Guest post by Grace Carter

Many people dream of leaving their life behind and travelling the world. However, money is always the problem – you need it for tickets, food, drinks etc. on those travels. The good news is, you could find a job that will give you enough funds and freedom to travel. With a bit of effort and talent, you can land one of these top nine jobs that you can do while travelling.

1. Sell videos and photos

People who love taking pictures and filming videos – especially if they own a professional camera – have a good chance to work as professional photographers and video makers for stock sites like Shutter Stock. This is a job that will correlate with your travelling as you’ll be able to take wonderful pictures of remote places. Your salary will depend on how many people are buying your images and videos.

2. Become a graphic or web designer

To land a job like this, you’ll need education and knowledge. However, this job is extremely well-paid and it’s as creative as it gets. No matter where in the world you are, people are always looking for a good graphic designer or web designer. You can find these jobs on 99 Designs.

3. Make promotional videos

Companies are often looking for cheaper ways to have a quality promotion of their products – this could be a great opportunity for you. You only need to have some knowledge of filming and marketing to know what’s best to do for each specific video. You can find these jobs on sites like Up Work or Freelancer. If you are really good at this, you could be paid more than at your previous job.

4. Tutor online

Online tutoring is a popular job to do at the moment. On some platforms you can teach various subjects that you have knowledge in, while on others you can only teach English since most of the customers are Japanese people trying to learn it. The pay is average but enough for all of your travelling desires.

5. Translate

Depending on your language combination, translating jobs can be easy to find. Government institutions are looking for translators but so are many small businesses or regular people. Depending on what language you speak and where you are in the world, your pay could be higher or lower. English is extremely wanted in Asian countries while in other regions French or German might be better. You can also look for these jobs on People Per Hour or Gengo.

7. Edit

Editing is another job suitable for writers and people who enjoy literature and reading. If you get an editing job, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy some of the best fiction and non-fiction. All you need to become an online editor is understanding of grammar and spelling, along with enough familiarity with style to know when something doesn’t work. There are numerous tools and guides available that can help you improve your editing and writing techniques: some of them are My Writing Way, State Of Writing, Via Writing, Writing Populist, AcademAdvisor or Let’s Go And Learn.

8. Become a tour guide

Tour guides are not extremely well-paid but they do just fine. Their job is fun and interesting, and can be found at tour agencies, tour operators or hotels.

9. Write resumes

In case that you are not sure of what you want to do, you can always write resumes. You may have only heard of this now, but people hire professionals to write their resumes in order to get the best chances of being hired. You’ll need some understanding of what an exceptional resume looks like and you could be paid a lot. Find these jobs on Resumention.

Travelling and earning money at the same time is not as unreachable as you once thought it was after you find your niche. Choose one of these jobs and start your travelling adventure.

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