Known for her stark and unconventional compositions, the Malta-born Londoner Stephanie Galea is making a name for herself as fashion photographer and visual artist. Her inspiration for her personal work comes from her native Malta; her photographs full of warm, Mediterranean tones, plays between light and shadow and strong colour compositions.


A recent Central Saint Martin’s graduate, Stephanie works in the fashion and advertising industry, taking on multiple roles as a photographer and video maker. For her, light is as important as shadow in comprising an image. Her unconventional use of space within the frame is characteristic to her work.

Stephanie also maintains a fine art practice and has exhibited her work on numerous occasions mainly across London and Malta. Some of her selected publications include Vogue Italia, Vogue Arabia, Vogue Arabia Man, I-D, Elle, Hunger TV, Dansk Magazine, and Showstudio Online. Her selected clients include Dior Homme, Dior Beauty, Dunhill, Kate Spade, Ted Baker, Victor & Rolf, Zalando, Festival City Mall, Crew & Tailor, and Malta International Airport.

Work for Dior (fragment)

Eve: You specialize in fashion photography and also you’re a visual artist. How does this combination work?

Stephanie Galea: I feel that one informs the other. Sometimes my fashion work inspires my personal work and vice versa. These are the media in which I practice most comfortably and enjoy making.

Eve: How long did you move to London, and why?

SG: I moved to London in 2012 to complete an MA in Photography at Central Saint Martin’s (UAL). Then I decided to stay there to pursue a career in fashion after assisting certain photographers and falling in love with the profession. I haven’t looked back since then.

Work for Vogue Arabia (fragment)

Eve: What highlights can you share with us as a fashion photographer?

SG: My highlights include being published in Vogue Italia and Vogue Arabia, but I believe that the nature of my job is pretty much a highlight in itself. I’m very grateful for being able to make a living out of something I love doing, meeting so many people and travelling around the globe.

Eve: Apart from your work, in what other ways is fashion an important part of your life?

SG: Fashion is in itself a way of life; everybody wears items of clothing practically all the time and it can really transform the way you feel and see yourself. Some people just see clothing as simply practical items you wear, but  it could also be used as a tool to convey what’s inside to the outside world.

Eve: As a visual artist you maintained fine art practices and exhibited your work on numerous occasions mainly across London and Malta.  Can you share some of these experiences?

SG: Yes, my latest exhibition was in Washington DC at the European Union Delegation Headquarters. It was a joint exhibition with my mother, who is a painter and was such a great experience.

I am also exhibiting a new body of personal work in Malta from the 11th June.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

SG: Probably travelling around the world shooting editorials and campaigns for different brands. I’m also in the process of setting up a charity, so hopefully that would have taken off by then.