The popular Maltese girl band has launched a campaign on local crowdfunding platform ZAAR to replace vital music equipment stolen last month. The band had musical equipment worth €6,000 stolen from their Birkirkara garage where they practice.

The targeted burglary abruptly brought the all-female group’s future plans to a halt, as their upcoming events had to be cancelled. However, after sharing their heart-breaking story via the local media, Cryptic Street is turning to its loyal followers in Malta and beyond to raise the funds to replace the stolen equipment, which includes a full set of drums. The band’s stock of merchandise and some guitars were spared, as they were kept at home.

“The essential tools of our music trade had been stolen in such a merciless, targeted robbery,” says Cryptic Street main vocalist Leona Farrugia. “But we are determined not to let this stop us from serving up more alternative post-punk music for our fans, and so are appealing to the public via ZAAR to help us replace the equipment that was stolen and get the band back up and rocking again.”

Leona Farrugia, Janelle Borg, Leanne Zammit, Michelle Farrugia

Made up of four female members, Cryptic Street features Leona as main vocalist, as well as guitarist Janelle Borg, bassist Leanne Zammit, and drummer Michelle Farrugia. The band already has an impressive resume, having undertaken a UK/Spain tour, supporting Acid Mothers Temple and Pins among others, and releasing their debut album ‘Titty Monster’ under the direction of David Vella.

The band chose ZAAR as the most direct way to connect directly with the Maltese public. “What better way to get back on our feet after this madness, than with the help of the Maltese public who have helped us get to where we are today?” asks Leona. Any funds raised via the crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR will be kept by the band, and used to replace the guitarist’s equipment, bassist’s equipment, amplifiers, cables, speakers and drum kit.

With a funding goal of €6,000, the band’s ZAAR campaign has already received many donations from fans eager to see the hard-working band performing their distinctive genre of music again. With the crowdfunding campaign set to close at the end of June, the four members of Cryptic Street hope that the public will keep donating to help them achieve their funding goal and fully replace their equipment.

More information about the Cryptic Street crowdfunding campaign can be found on the ZAAR website. Cryptic Street also appeal to anyone who can offer any information regarding the robbery to contact the police.