Working as a violin teacher, Kathy Mercieca says it gives her huge satisfaction to watch her students improving, performing in concerts and succeeding in their violin examinations. Kathy herself started playing the violin at the age of four, encouraged by her mother. When Kathy performs she dives into a word of her own, the satisfaction she feels is inexplainable.

She says that music is in her blood and it runs in her family. Her grand dad was a maestro and he used to teach the piano; her grandma Carmen Degiorgio was a singer organiser who used to teach very well known singers like Philisienne Brincat, Catherine Vigar, John Bundy and many more. Her own family is also a music duo – she often performs with her husband. Kathy took part in several shows the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. She sat for the violin London examinations and passed all of them with flying colours. Music is her top priority.

Eve: What’s the hardest part about being a musician and what’s the best?

Kathy Mercieca: The hardest part of being a musician is that you can never stop studying to keep improving. Long hours performing, but the best part is that you give the vibe and a pleasure atmosphere to the guests.

Eve: What constitutes a good live performance in your opinion?

KM: You have to be confident, believe in yourself and in what one is going to deliver.

Eve: When you are not working on music, how do you unwind?

KM: I have a full-time job as a secretary. I love my work, but when it comes to music it is a different world. I only have few hours left for me, as I teach too and I perform, but I never murmured about my life. It is giving me huge satisfaction.

Eve: What piece of advice would you give aspiring violinists?

KM: That they have to keep on studying, keep on believing to keep on achieving.

Eve: Is there somewhere or something you’re hoping to perform in the future?

I have loads of performances coming up which I am going to take part as for the moment I cannot mention, but you will surely see me again performing. I am aiming with my thumbs up to take part again in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2019 or be part of a music video – who knows, maybe that will be another experience to cherish.