bBrave, a Maltese anti-bullying NGO, has been accepted as a core member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance (“ABA”). ABA is based in London with members hailing from around the world, including the UK, Ireland, Greece, Canada, the US, and now also Malta.

bBrave was founded last year with the objectives to raise awareness about various forms of bullying and to help individuals subject to bullying find help. Furthermore, the NGO set an ambitious objective to “educate and assist individuals displaying bullying behaviour to discover that their internal energy could be converted into the good leadership of others.”

ABA brings together organisations and individuals with a shared vision to unite against bullying, particularly for the benefit of children and youths. It organises campaigns such as Anti-Bullying Week, and develops resources for policymakers and the general public. Through its membership in ABA, bBrave expects to better serve its mission to raise awareness on different forms of bullying, to facilitate assistance for individuals suffering from bullying and for the reform of individuals displaying bullying behaviour in Malta.

More information about the organisation is on Facebook.

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