Guest post by Helen Kelly

Summer is starting, and whether you’re going on holiday or enjoying the sea where you live, your hair is at risk again. Taking care of your hair at the beach is an essential part of maintaining healthy-looking hair all year. We often hear just how harmful the sun and salty water can be to our hair. It can be frightening, so some of us choose to spend as little time as possible at the beach. Luckily, there are some fantastic ways of making sure that we don’t leave the beach with damaged hair.

Be careful with salty water

Who doesn’t love having gorgeous beach waves? However hard we try to create beach waves using heat, they never look as good as natural beach waves. Because of that, many women choose not to wash out their hair as often as they actually should. This is bad because salty water drains moisture from the hair. This will leave your curls looking and feeling really dry and brittle. Wash out your hair at least once every two days to make sure that no salt gets left there.

Try hair sunscreen

One less-known amazing hack is using sunscreen for hair. Yes, this product does exist, and yes, it should become one of your essential beach products. Just like our skin needs to be protected from the harmful UV rays, so does our hair. Sun can damage our hair by destroying its proteins. This will leave straight hair looking lifeless and dull. Curly hair will start to look really dry and scruffy. Hair sunscreen works by creating a barrier between hair and Sun rays.

Use hair accessories

While hair sunscreen can protect hair from the Sun, it’s still not a good idea to spend too much time under its rays. After all, hair sunscreen can’t protect the hair from extreme heat. But if you just love spending your day at the beach, you can wear a hat. Those huge beach waves are all the rage this year, so you’ll be looking fashionable while protecting your hair. This tip is also beneficial to women with short hair because there’s no better protection of their scalp than a hat. If you’re looking for creative hair accessories ideas, Hairstylecamp is a good place to start.

Use natural products

After a day at the beach, it’s vital to use simple products that are full of hydrating ingredients. Ingredients to look for are aloe vera, various kinds of butter such as mango and shea butter, and moisturizing oils such as coconut and olive oil. After a long day at the beach, deep-conditioning is a must! This will restore all of the moisture that was lost because of salty water or heat. Leave-in conditioners are great if you want to protect your hair even before it touches the salty water. You can also try a hair mask, which can help to counteract all of the damage.

Hair oils are your new best friends

Hair oils can be used for so many purposes. You can apply them for prevention of damage because oils help to maintain hair elasticity. You can also use them to counteract the damage that has already been done. Coconut oil is one of the most widely used oils during summer. This is because it’s incredibly moisturising, yet it’s not as heavy as olive oil. Other excellent oils to use before or after the beach are avocado and jojoba oil.

With these hair protection tips and hacks, you won’t fear going out and spending the day at the beach. Make sure you follow these tips next time you go to the beach!

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