“When you dance with a partner you are close, and the dance is very suggestive, but it is not personal. Close is what the music inspires you to become, the embrace looks personal but what we are actually embracing is the music” – Carlos Gavito

Following the success of last year’s flamenco/contemporary fusion, Teatru Maneol now presents Moveo Dance Company with their latest production El Tango. The performance invites the audience to find its own love story: some triumph after falling for the forbidden fruit, whereas others resist or allow it to be their ultimate demise. Either way temptation is everywhere and escaping it is the only thing that is not an option. This is the prevailing theme present throughout EL Tango, portrayed trough the sensuality of the dance, combined with the rawness and fluidity that contemporary dance offers.

This is exactly the idea of the show: Moveo blends the sensual tango with contemporary dance. “This connection is what drew me to delve into creating a contemporary tango movement,” says choreographer Dorian Mallia. “Seeing that both Tango and contemporary dance have similar attributes when it comes to contact and improvisation, I fueled these links as much as I drew them apart in order to create a language which I hope is unique to its style.”

The creative process in this production surfaced many emotions, the strongest of which being love, with all its different faces.  To top it all off, the whole performance will be showcased to some hauntingly beautiful tango music by the likes of Astor Piazzola, amongst others. All the music will be performed live by a group or very talented musicians, carefully handpicked by the music director Sarah Spiteri.

The production is to premier at Teatru Manoel on the 25-26-27th May 2018 at 20.00. Tickets can be booked from the official website.