Creative Island’s sexy, satirical burlesque show with music, dance and downright absurdities that escape definition sees a return to its 11th edition after a four-year hiatus. The makers of the legendary show promise it will be weirder, grungier, and more sinister than ever before.

Photo credit: Jacob Sammut

Those who enjoy something different, who relish in the wacky, and who bask in the satirical, will enjoy its post-apocalyptic setting. The enormous weight of the construction boom has caused the island to collapse. The only people t0 remain are the filthy dregs of society. Culture, however, is booming with sinister priests, voodoo goddesses, feline slaves and flesh-eating virgins luring victims into their beautifully twisted cabaret.

Photo credit: Jacob Sammut

This is how Apocalesque! begins. The show is produced and directed by Nicole Cuschieri. Writers and performers include Joseph Zammit, Alex Vella Gregory, Teodor Reljic, Veronica Stivala, Zicotron, Coryse Borg, Kevin Canter, Marie Claire Camilleri, Becky D’Ugo, Miriam Calleja, Undine Laverve, Pete Farrugia, Philip Leone Ganado, Nathan Brimmer, James Ryder, Svetlana Pandolfino Victoria Tabone, Yasmin Ives and Michael Vella Zarb.

Apocalesque! shows at City Lights, Valletta, from 18 to 20 May at 8pm. Tickets are available on the official website.