This unpredictable weather makes it difficult to plan what to wear when popping out for a walk, let alone setting off to a destination with a different climate. Add travel fatigue, dehydration and practical considerations, and looking good on a journey becomes a real challenge. Fortunately, Eve‘s authors have gathered various tricks and hacks to help you shine wherever you go.

Illustration by Susanne Riber

Before you leave home

“Pack small jewellery items into pill boxes so they don’t get tangled. Take snapshots of the outfits put together, so you remember how you styled them and avoid any unnecessary waste of time while on holiday. Oh, and always wear the heaviest items when travelling to save on overweight fees,” these are tips from Lara Azzopardi.

At the airport

Celebrities have mastered airport hacks, Alina Anisimova observes. “Keeping your travel wardrobe casual is the way to go about it. Steal pretty yet practical looks from Miranda Kerr, whose classic choices are both eye-catching and comfortable. She often opts for light-weight blazers combined with jeans or leggings, and of course, the constant pièce de résistance are the shades. From apt aviators to subtle cat eyes, they are the essential accessory that will mask travel tiredness. Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are also fine examples to seek inspiration from.”

Melisande Aquilina is convinced that you should wear layers, even in summer. “The air is colder in high altitudes. True, you’ll be on a plane, but the chilly air will still get to you, especially if you’re travelling at night. On the other hand, during a long flight, you might get stuffy and feel cooped up and squashed between so many people, unable to move around. It very much depends on the individual, and you could feel cold one minute and uncomfortably warm the next. It’s therefore better to be prepared.”

On a plane

“I love to wear tunics and leggings whilst travelling. I like to pick tunics made of jersey, lycra or stiff material rather than cotton or linen ones. This ensures that I am comfortable on the plane – what’s more comfortable than a pair of leggings? – and also that after the plane ride I will generally not be wearing creased or rumpled clothes,” writes Caroline Paris.

Happy travels!