The Green Festival is not only about admiring the floral carpet in Valletta. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the environment. A number of NGOs will be there, including Birdlife Malta, SharkLab Malta, Solar Cinema, Żibel and the Gaia Foundation, who will organise workshops throughout the festival.

Birdlife Malta’s workshops will be about wildlife habitats, as SharkLab Malta presents educational displays on their research on sharks, stingrays and skates in Malta. Żibel and the Gaia Foundation will host a collaborative, interactive sign-painting workshop. During these workshops, drift wood collected from clean-ups conducted by Żibel will be painted and placed in various locations around Malta, encouraging the public to keep the island clean. Other NGOs who will be participating during the festival include the China Cultural Centre in Malta, WasteServe, ELC and Garby & Tidy.

Solar Cinema, a Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme project which sees pop-up film screenings happening all over the island using solar power, will offer workshops highlighting themes of sustainability and the environment. A stop motion film workshops for children will focus on utilising recycled materials for art.

The workshop programme kicks off on May 3rd, coinciding with the opening of the floral carpet in St George’s Square and the rooftop garden on the roof of the Main Guard. This year’s festival, running from Thursday, has seen made with 150,000 potted plants, which transform the otherwise urban landscape of St George’s Square into a colourful floral carpet.

The Valletta Green Festival is a Valletta 2018 collaboration with the Maltese Archdiocese, the Ministry for Sustainable Development, The Environment and Climate Change; the Environmental Landscaping Consortium (ELC); the PARKS Department, as part of the Tree 4 U (34U) campaign; WasteServ Malta Ltd; European Green Week and several local environmental NGOs.

Workshops will start at 9am and will run throughout the day till 8pm, throughout the weekend.