L-Ilħna Mitlufa (The Lost Voices) show is a musical journey in search of the voice used by those who came before us to express their daily fears and aspirations – child birth, longing, and loss. Its dramaturgy is built around an ensemble of local musicians playing a varied repertoire of a tradition of rhyme, song and folk chants. This music theatre project proposes new musical arrangements and contexts for theatrical performance of this age-old storytelling tradition called Għana.

The music belongs to a tradition of vocal expression inherited from the land to which we were once so connected. An age old story is woven by singers past and present and told in poetry – spoken, written and recorded. The għannej, the poet, is the keeper of memory, the storyteller and comic entertainer, who sings on our behalf and for those who have lost their voice. This way one renews an unbroken tradition of being together in song.

The ensemble aims to inspire with songs and ballads to offer new theatrical relevance to poetic texts and songs whilst retaining the authentic character of the traditional voices. The newly-formed group including Anġlu Theuma ‘’Il-Kina’’, Mariele Żammit, Raymond Schembri ‘’Iċ-Ċiranu’’ and Frederick Mallia ‘’Ir-Re’’ , is led by musician and musicologist Andrew Alamango with dramaturgy by Domenico Castaldo.

Teatru Malta’s production ”L-Ilħna Mitlufa” which will take place on May 12th and May 13th at 8 pm at Teatru Salesjan Sliema.