And it’s a boy! Fifth in line to the throne of England, this royal baby has much in common with his great-grandmother, England’s reigning monarch: a Taurus Sun, a Leo Moon, and a heavy emphasis on the sign of Capricorn. Research has shown that the entire British Royal family have their Suns in earth or water signs. Is that special? All families have patterns running through their family trees, so no, it is not special, but one must admit that the royal family does command our attention, especially when a royal baby is born.

Having a Cancer ascendant certainly tells us that this child will actively seek out emotional satisfaction from applying himself to activities or environments which nurture him. Being a Taurus will naturally endow him with a steady and loyal attitude, and yet, that proverbially royal Moon in Leo will want to be seen and recognised in or on his own terms. He will certainly be someone who will want to be more of a hands-on person, possibly more down to earth than his siblings, with so many planets in earth signs, but goodness, what a mover and shaker he will be. A Sun Uranus conjunction in the chart (although not in the same sign, they are close) will have him expressing his solar identity differently, whilst both his Moon and Mercury are in fire signs and aspecting each other, signifying an ease with which he comes up with ideas and wants them implemented straight away. Hare-brained ideas? Well, they are in fire signs. I suspect that of the three, this child will be trying his mother’s patience, and yet, he’ll have the hardest time coming to understand that he us unlike other children in that there is a sense of decorum that he is expected to maintain. Another point is that he may well be a kind of child who does will when integrating with the earth element; in other words, he is a child who needs to satisfy his curiosity through his senses. Of particular interest is the Mars Pluto conjunction in his chart, which of course is what is going on in the sky at the moment. This is definitely going to be one very energetic prince who would probably do well pursuing a career in the military (as princes of the realm do), just like his uncle Harry, though he may do this differently. That is years from now, so what can we expect now? Well, it would be interesting to see what name this child is given. At the time of writing, Arthur, Philip and Albert are particularly popular names floating around.  One thing is for certain, this child is one to watch.

Postscript: Since the time of writing, the child was named Louis, which immediately brings to mind the late Lord Louis Mountbatten. When checking their birth charts against each other, similarities are there; they both possess the same Ascendant degree (within 34 minutes of each other), the same Midheaven in Aries (within a degree), Baby Louis’ Venus conjuncts Lord Louis’ Mars in Taurus and both their Saturns are in early Capricorn (within 8 degrees of each other). What does this mean? So far we could only posit that there are familial patterns present. Only the future will tell!