The nightmare continues…

Parking in Malta is an enigma, isn’t it? I mean, the sheer range of things that could go wrong is ridiculous. From being told off by someone who thinks that they own the parking spot in front of their house to the fact that most car parks in Sliema are full by lunchtime, it just all makes you want to get out of your car and run head-first into moving traffic.

This is about neighbouring Italy, but the points on roads, parking and buses are painfully similar to Malta

What’s worse is that the Zelda-worthy saga of finding parking on this island starts all over again every time I get behind the wheel and arrive at my destination. I’ve identified some of the things that truly piss me off, and I’m sure other drivers will relate to that.

Parking Spots: A white box means that anyone can park there. It doesn’t belong to you and your family in perpetuity. It doesn’t belong to your dog, your shrink or your helper. It belongs to the first person who gets there once it’s been vacated. If a parking spot has an International Symbol of Access (i.e. Wheelchair Sign) on it, then you can only park there if you’re a person living with disability. Read it again: living with disability, not if you need to pop into the shop for bread, or at your mother’s to take a pee. Oh, and please park properly in one box. It’s not a free-for-all.

Blocking: If the way you park is going to stop someone else from getting their car out of their parking space, then you’re a douchebag. You can’t just park somewhere just because oncoming traffic won’t crash into you. You can’t just park somewhere because you feel like it. We’re meant to live in a civilised country; get with the programme. Or, rather, don’t, because I’m not sure how civilised we are. Just don’t be selfish, that’s all.

Decency: When you see someone struggling to park, or they have literally just slowed down to get into a parking space, there is really no need whatsoever to honk your horn. We know you’re behind us and that you think your errands and existence are more important than ours. Just take a seat for two minutes and let us park in peace. God knows, we’ll get it done faster without you breathing down our necks.

And that’s just naming a few…

What else annoys you about parking in Malta?