His singles Norfolk Dreamer and In A Twist are uplifting tracks that set to make the audiences want to dance and sing along. His new single Be Responsible has just reached Number #1 on Belter radio Top 15 Chart in the UK. With a natural flair for songwriting, catchy hooks and lyrical themes driven by positivity, the pop/ dance tunes of Melbourne’s Anthony Kale (Camilleri) are reminiscent of classics like Peter Andre, Rick Ashley, Richard Marx. At the same time, he’s determined to maintain his own unique flavour. Having just released a new song, MiLLiONAiRE, the Australian singer shares a few details about his life with Eve.

Eve: You live in Australia, but your surname is Maltese.  What’s your real connection to Malta?

Anthony Kale: My parents were born and raised on Gozo. I still have relatives living in Malta. I would like it if one day I would perform my music in Malta.

Eve: Your latest new single, Millionaire, was released few weeks ago and is available on iTunes and most digital stores. Can you tell us more about this single?

AK: When Millionaire was written, we knew we had something different to bring out to the world in the message for today’s world leaders – not to lead through power, greed and money, but to lead through love for peace, not selfishness for power.

Eve: What is keeping you busy at the moment?

Working night shift, married life, spending time with my four year old son Koby and working on my music.

Eve: In your opinion, is one born a singer or is it rather a matter of determination and will?

AK: Well, I think you have to have a passion. I know people that are born with vocal ability, but certainly you have to have ambition and a passion and to believe in yourself.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

AK: Performing my music and still being able to touch hearts for my audience by making quality songs; so people can listen over and over again through time.