It’s 4pm and all guests are onboard. We are ready to sail. I walk to the open deck and make sure the guests are already enjoying their cruise vacation. I also stop to look at the beautiful view and the ocean, not to mention to think to myself again, how lucky I am to be here. You guessed it. I work for a major cruise line company, and it’s extraordinary!

They say you don’t really know what work is, unless you have worked onboard a cruiseliner. I love making people happy, especially if their expectations have not been met and they approach my team to express their frustration. I work for Guest Service and as a travelling manager, I am there for our guests and also our team. Keeping our teams happy will ensure we are keeping our guests happy, so I am particularly passionate to make sure my team can deal with all type of guests.

This is not all blue skies and fun. I’ve had my fair share of “OMG, this is a new situation”, or “Wow, I never knew I would be dealing with this, this is crazy” moments. After all, people come to a cruise not only to relax or spend quality family time or to mingle and meet different cultures, but also to party, to escape their family, or to drink. This job does not go without challenges, but that’s the beauty of it!

If you don’t do what you love, you will feel that you are working twice as much. For the past seven years of my life, I have enjoyed countless new countries and ports; from the heart of the Med, to the Nordic countries, the Caribbean, the States, the Emirates, Asia, and so much more. Getting to know many different cultures and ways of life, not only by going to the countries themselves, but also working and living alongside many different crew member from various different countries and cultures, enriches you as a person. My love for languages grew even more, as the desire to connect with more people and their language became very strong.

Having just finished getting Guest Services and several hotel managers ready, to open the newest and largest cruise ship in the world a few weeks ago, is a reminder of the amount of work, dedication, passion, fulfillment, experience and management that goes into it. Cruising the seven seas, meeting people and exploring new countries while working on ships is truly a once in a lifetime experience that I cherish and recommend as a meaningful life goal.

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