Altofest Malta – Valletta 2018 Special Edition, starts later this week, spanning across four different regions in Malta, over four consecutive weekends. Altofest Malta is a community-based project, where citizens host international artists in their houses, which then become venues to welcome audiences for performances.

One of the performances, which will take place on Strait Street in Valletta, promises an immersive experience and the ability to personally interact with stories of the people who lived in Strait Street during its most infamous time. Other performances include dance, full-length theatre performances, a live-show combining the language of the environment and technology, and audiovisual performances.

Altofest’s grassroots approach is there to stimulate new ways of thinking about the role of contemporary art in cities around the topic of ‘Legendary People’. A cultural project inserting itself in the life of the city, directly involving its community, creates a new mythology where heroes are among its citizens, deeply immersed in the landscape.

The project has been created and organised by Valletta 2018 and TeatrInGestAzione, under the artistic direction of Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono. The performances will be broadcast on Altofest radio.

Entry is free, but due to limited space, booking is required. Places can be booked on the event’s website, by sending an email to or by sending a message to +356 79351051.