The Maltese singer, songwriter, author and Catholic Priest – Fr Rob Galea currently serves in Sandhurst Diocese, Victoria in Australia. In the music industry he has an international fan base. He tells Eve about transforming his own story into literature and his favourite pastimes.

Fr Rob Galea gets to travel around the world and tours on average eighty schools per year to speak about the gospel through music. Lately he published a book, Breakthrough, where he writes about a journey from desperation to hope. He is waiting for it to be transformed into a film and gain popularity in Malta, where the book would be available as of March 2018.

Eve: You moved from Malta to Australia. When was it that you decided to leave Malta, and why?

Fr Rob Galea: We get a gap year during our studies, and I decided to gain some experience outside of Malta. So I went to Australia and tried to work as differently as possible from my experiences in Malta. I fell in love with the country and with the people, so I decided to stay there, but I love the Maltese people too. Maybe one day I will return.

Eve: Apart from being an ordained Catholic Priest, you’re also a singer and songwriter with an international fan base. You’ve written a number of songs for various campaigns and international conferences, and lately published your first book – Breakthrough. Can you let us know more about this book?

RG: It’s a book for people who want to grow their relationship with God, to grow as a Christian, who want to understand what it means to be a Christian. I wrote this book through my story – a story of addiction and inspiration for hope I get while travelling. I talk about my travels, the struggles – it’s a very interactive book. It’s a story about conversion, vocation and evangelisation.

Eve: What’s your general perception about today youths?

RG: They are no different – they are desperate for hope. They still need to understand their dignity and their purpose, and to be able to direct their passion towards their purpose. I love working with young people as I find a lot of purpose and excitement in their lives.

Eve: Is there somewhere or something you’re hoping to perform in the future?

RG: I’m looking forward for my Asian tour this year – Philippines, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. I get about 800 invitations each year to speak around the world, but this year I’ve decided to take this Asian invitation.

Eve: What do you enjoy doing during your time off?

RG: Just relaxing, enjoying the sun. I love fishing, going to the gym, writing songs and hanging out with my little dog whose name is Gozo.