With Ryanair announcing sale after sale, a one-way flight to Sicily now costs less than a good dinner. To help you prepare for hopping on our larger neighbouring island, here are the top pro tips from our travel writers.

has tried out agrotourism around Trapani. To those going there to explore, she advises:

Trapani is quite close to other towns in the province. Although you still need to book a taxi or arrange for transport, it’s all within reach. There are the ancient ruins of Segesta temple and the charming hill-top, medieval town of Erice – a must-see. If you have more time, you can even venture down to Marsala, where they produce some of the best wines. You can even book a wine tour while you’re there!

, who seconds the recommendation to visit Erice, was also mesmerised by Palermo’s underground crypts:

In the heart of the busy and metropolitan city of Palermo, underneath Palermo’s small Capuchin monastery, lies a macabre and extraordinary historical record of life and death. The underground crypts, which were excavated as early as the sixteenth century, hold the embalmed and mummified remains of approximately 8,000 people. Many would have left a will which contained their wish to be interred in these catacombs for spiritual reasons.

I was amazed and a bit horrified at how big this crypt is. The bodies, which are encased in glass cases which line the walls, are preserved in various states of dress and undress.

Don’t forget the food! Fresh homemade Sicilian pasta and Sicilian cannoli are among top choices. “If you haven’t tried these yet, make sure you do before you reach the end of your tenure on this earth. What’s more, I suggest dining at an agritourism buffet for the genuine experience. Pure culinary bliss,” Melisande Aquilina suggests.

And if you worry that you haven’t managed to see enough, read these ten commandments from ‘s Sicilian uncle: “Rest all day, in order to sleep better at night” and “If you see someone resting, help them.”