Local designer Marco Parascandalo skyrocketed to fame with his debut ready to wear collection SKANDLU, which was first shown at Malta Fashion Week in 2014 to wide public acclaim. Born in the beautiful, culturally rich city of Birgu, the designer is better known as the creative director of the self-named PASASCANDALO fashion brand.

Although PARASCANDALO is a brand with local roots, Marco’s experimental approach to fashion and his cutting edge ideas have allowed him to expand his brand internationally. Known for his unique take on streetwear, Marco pays special attention to the wearability and durability of his items. Integrating aspects of Maltese culture, politics and environmental issues into his pieces, he produces a very modern melange, the ultimate social commentary in motion.

Photo credits: Jan B Cassano

Parascandalo’s earliest collections were more focused on men’s wear. In 2016, he introduced his women’s wear and started showing both genders in one show. PARASCANDALO returned to Malta Fashion Week in 2018 with a riveting new collection which promises to be as exciting and spellbinding as the ones before.

Eve: What inspired you to go for fashion designing?

Marco Parascandalo: From a very young age I always had a flair for fashion, helping my mother in her small boutique in the town of Birgu. In secondary school I took art lessons, which I greatly enjoyed. At a later stage, at MCAST of Art and Design, I specialised in textile design and discovered that that was the line for me and my career.

Eve: For anyone starting off in this line of work, what would you suggest as the ideal start-up kit?

MP: Be original, be fresh and resourceful. Fashion design is not just about creating and being creative, it’s also about the market and saleability. A successful designer will know how to merge both.

Eve: What do you remember about your first fashion show?

MP: Every show I do, I get the same feeling as if it’s my first show. It’s something very difficult to explain, excitement and nervousness at the same time. That feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Eve: Do you feel opportunities are limited for a designer in Malta, or do you feel you can spread your wings here?

MP: I believe that there is always room for improvement, but in the past few years it has become a lot better. Also, opportunities do not just fall from trees. Creating your own opportunity is something everyone should think about.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

MP: Having PARASCANDALO on a global platforms, showing our collections, and growing our market overseas.