Whether it’s a long weekend on Gozo or a longer trip, these tips will help you pack like a scout

I’ve learned a thing or two about packing from my globetrotting over the years. I can only wish someone had passed these tips on to me before I went off on the biggest adventures of my life.

#1 Mix and match

Pack clothes – especially pants and shorts – that you can wear with different things. Plan different combinations for every day or week of your journey so you don’t have to pack as much.

Also, pack clothes that are lighter, if possible, and that are easier to wash. When I lived in China, I sometimes found it more convenient to hand-wash clothes that would air dry quickly, and so I didn’t have to machine launder as much.

#3 Roll ’em

This is one of the experienced travellers’ tricks: when packing your suitcase, roll your clothing pieces up instead of folding them into squares. This way they will take up less space. For example, if you’re packing a cotton shirt, fold it long ways in half, then roll it up, beginning with the neck of the shirt.

#3 Avoid large containers of liquids

Leave large bottles of soaps and styling products at home. Buy what you need when you get there. I found that trying to pack large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, mousse and other products wasted extremely valuable space. Also, when I flew from Shanghai to Tokyo, I just bought what I needed when I got there since I wasn’t sure what size and types of personal products would be approved by customs.

#4 Get proper shoes

Carrying waterproof sandals was the best and most useful item in my suitcase! I can’t stress this point enough. They’re easy to keep clean since they’re easily washable. If waterproof sandals don’t suit the season, go for some other form of waterproof shoes such as wellies or rubber trainers.

Any other universal travel tips? Let us know in the comments section below!