The Artistic Multi Sensorial Experiences (AMuSE) project brings together artists from Malta, Italy, the Netherlands and Lithuania to explore art inspired by the senses. The artists will seek to express their European cultural identity through the use of new readings in multisensorial art.

AmuSE, together with another 65 other projects, is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission and will be granted 60 per cent of its funding. The project is led by the Malta Society of Arts (MSA), and it is is the first time that a Maltese institution leads a European project within this platform.

The MSA’s partners are the Terre dei Savoia Association (Italy), Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (the Netherlands) and Dusetos Culture Centre (Lithuania). The Valletta 2018 Foundation (Malta), Easy School of Languages (Malta) and Antazave Child Care Home (Lithuania) are Associate Partners. The four Maltese selected artists are Matthew Attard, Aaron Bezzina, Keith Bonnici and Stefan Spiteri.

At the launch, Arts Council Chairman Albert Marshall highlighted the importance of such projects “where Maltese artists interact with foreign ones and pollinate their ideas and concepts.” The project is designed to connect Northern and Southern European countries.

Seven of the 16 selected artists will be working and studying together under the artistic direction of Roderick Camilleri to develop their projects. The first mobility, or artist-in-residence, will take place in MUSES Savigliano (Northern Italy) in one of the centres of Le Terre dei Savoia, who specialise in scent and fragrance and utilise laboratories for their research – hence the artists will focus on the olfactory sense.

Other participants will move to the Leeuwarden branch of the Groningen University (the Netherlands) in September, while the third batch will be hosted by the Dusetos Cultural Centre, Lithuania, in March 2019. The project will end in September 2019, when Malta will host an exhibition of works and projects created by the 16 artists in the four countries.

Lisa Gwen Baldacchino, Roderick Camilleri, Albert Marshall, Adrian Mamo, Joe Scerri at the launch of AMuSE

“We truly believe that society in general needs art – to grow our knowledge of the world we live in,” President of the MSA Arch. Adrian Mamo said after the names of the 16 selected artists were announced. AMuSE Project Leader and Manager of MSA Joe Scerri proudly added that the project was selected from 430 applications.

For more information about AMuSE and the Malta Society of Arts, visit the project website.