Teatru Manoel’s education programme TOI TOI, in collaboration with the Valletta 2018 Foundation, is presenting an original musical about a little boy who decides not to say another word. No speech, no song, no talking. It is a modern fairy tale about finding your voice when nobody seems to be listening.

The plot follows Gus Nightingale, who comes from a musical family. When tragedy strikes, he and his father lose their ability to communicate with each other. And when The Very Dreadful Thing happens to him, there is no one for him to turn to.

So Gus makes a decision. From that day onwards he will not say a word. Every day Gus passes the locked-up music shop on his way to school. One day, when he is at his lowest, the shop opens. Gus meets the owner of the shop, Clementine Pickles (who hates her name, as it makes her sound so sour and honestly she’s really rather sweet). To his joy, he discovers that she is able to hear his inner voice. In the cluttered shop Gus notices a conductor’s baton. Very old and precious, it is kept under lock and key. Nobody knows the power of this baton, but Clemmie’s orders are to keep it safe and sound.

No sooner has Gus made a new best friend than it’s time to go home. And that is when the unexpected happens. Clemmie and Gus may not know the secret of the baton, but someone else is about to wreak a terrible revenge on the world. Can a silent little boy overcome the villainous Maestro and save the world? And even more importantly, can this silent little boy overcome his own fears and save himself?

Written and directed by Denise Mulholland, with music and lyrics by Luke Saydo, HUSH is a story which will appeal to all ages (from 8+).

HUSH is performed by Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre on Saturday 17th March at 6pm, Sunday 18th March at 3pm & 6pm and Monday 19th March at 12pm noon. Tickets are €10. There are also school performances on 16th and 20th March. Tickets can be purchased from, by email at, or +356 2124 6389.